Aretha Wilson was sentenced to two years in prison for the attack on actor Leonardo DiCaprio at a Hollywood party in 2005. She was pleaded no contest to assault with a deadly weapon which left the star needing 17 stitches. The incident occurred when Wilson approached DiCaprio and without any egging on.

How old is Aretha Wilson?

As of 2023, Aretha Wilson age is 53 years old. She is now out of prison. It is not known where she currently resides.

She was convicted of assaulting actor Leonardo DiCaprio with a broken glass during a party in Los Angeles. After serving a lengthy prison sentence, Wilson was released and has since maintained a low profile leaving many curious about her current whereabouts and what her life looks like now.

Aretha Wilson Sentence

The trial was scheduled to begin in early November 2005 and she had initially entered a not guilty plea to the charges in August. Aretha Wilson was sentenced to seven years in prison had she been found guilty.

Who Is Aretha Wilson?

Aretha Wilson is a Canadian citizen, fled to her home country after the incident and had to be extradited to the US to face charges. Following the incident, Wilson managed to escape to Canada, but was eventually arrested and extradited to the US to face charges.

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