Polly Tsai is the spouse of Ming Tsai who is an American chef, restaurateur, and television personality. Tsai's restaurants have focused on east–west fusion cuisine.

She been an important part of Ming Tsai's success, providing support and advice throughout his career. Together, they have created a restaurant chains that combines the best of both worlds easily blending Eastern and Western flavors.


With Polly's constant work and Ming's exceptional dining skills, their restaurants have become renowned for their original dishes and unforgettable dining experiences.

How old is Polly Tsai?

Polly Tsai age is 55 years old, as of 2023. She was born in 1968. She holds Chinese-American nationality. Her husband was born in 1964 and currently he is 59 years old.


Polly Tsai and Ming Tsai marriage

Since April 1996, Tsai has been married to Polly Talbott. They have two sons, David and Henry. Tsai's brothers-in-law are David Talbott, a squash instructor at Yale, and Mark Talbott, a former hardball squash World No. 1. He has a niece named Lauren Tsai.

Tsai is a descendant of Qin Shi Huang (259 BC - 210 BC), the first emperor of a unified China, and the founder of the Qin dynasty, according to the PBS program Finding Your Roots hosted by Henry Louis Gates.

Polly Tsai's net worth

Polly Tsai's net worth is not known. While her husband Ming Tsai's net worth is estimated to be $4 million from running restaurant's' business. Ming was on the 50 Most Beautiful People list published by People magazine, in 2000.


Tsai has become a food allergy advocate who promotes awareness of food allergens and is the author of five cookbooks: Blue Ginger, Simply Ming, Ming's Master Recipes, Simply Ming: One-Pot Meals, and Simply Ming in Your Kitchen.

Facts about Polly Tsai

  • Polly Tsai's husband, Tsai hosts Simply Ming, a cooking show featured on American Public Television, in its seventeenth season.
  • He was a judge on the PBS show Cooking Under Fire, in 2005.
  • He opened BāBā at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana as chef and partner, in 2020.
  • He has been a national spokesman for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), since 2005.
  • As of now, he is the President of the National Advisory Board for Family Reach.

FAQs about Polly Tsai

1. Where is Polly Tsai born?
She was born in Newport Beach, California and was raised in Dayton, Ohio

2. What is the birth name of Polly Tsai?
Her birth name is, Polly Talbott.