Aarti Singh and her partner Deepak Chauhan are getting hitched. It has been made public including the actress's wedding details and the guest list.

She and her partner Deepak Chauhan are preparing for their wedding. The intriguing part is that, according to a rumor, Aarti Singh has also begun to hunt for a location for her marriage. This report contains all the information regarding Aarti Singh's marriage.

Aarti Singh and Deepak Chauhan marriage update

The guest list includes close friends and family members, as well as several renowned personalities from the film industry. With everything falling into place, Aarti and Deepak are eagerly looking forward to starting the next chapter of their lives together.

Who is Aarti Singh?

Aarti Singh, 38, the niece of actor Govinda and sister of well-known comedian Krishna Abhishek, has made the decision to go forward in her life. She too part in Bigg Boss 13, in 2019.

She frequently discussed her nuptials during this show and expressed her desire to tie the knot as soon as feasible. Aarti Singh's dream is finally coming true.

Where will Aarti Singh get married?

Actress will get married in Mumbai for which Aarti has started looking for a venue. She is considering various options for her wedding venue in Mumbai, including luxurious hotels and banquet halls.

She wants her wedding to be a grand affair and is keen on finding the perfect location that can accommodate all her guests.

The report highlighted that Arti has already begun discussing the wedding preparations with her family and close friends, who are equally excited about the upcoming celebration.

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Aarti's fiancĂ©, on the other hand, Dipak prefers a simple and intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by close family and friends. He believes that the true meaning of marriage lies in the union of two souls, rather than the extravagance of the event itself.

They both understand the importance of compromise and are determined to find a middle ground that will make their special day memorable for everyone involved.

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There will be a bachelorette party before to the wedding, which will be followed by pheras, mehendi, and haldi. The wedding for Aarti will be like any other Punjabi wedding.

The actress's wedding guest list is quite large. Salman Khan will receive an invitation to the wedding from his maternal uncle Govinda.