Komal Pandey is an Indian fahsion star and social media personality who has gained a huge following for her unique style and quirky fashion sense.

Komal Pandey Age

She rose to fame through her YouTube channel where she shares fashion tips, styling hacks, and vlogs about her travel adventures. She has also collaborated with several renowned brands and has been featured in various fashion magazines, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the Indian fashion industry.

Komal Pandey age in 2024

Komal Pandey is 30 years old, as of 2024. She was born in New Delhi to her parents Sangeeta Komal and father Rahul Komal. Her brother name is, Micku who is younger than her. She is a graudte and used to work in Pop Xo.

Komal Pandey height and weight

Komal Pandey is known for her petite figure, standing at a height of 158 cm or 5'2". She maintains a weight of 50 kg or 110 lbs, which complements her slender frame.

With figure measurements of 30-26-34, she boasts a well-proportioned physique. Her striking black eyes and dark brown hair, which she often dyes in different shades, add to her unique and captivating appearance.

Komal Pandey biography and hobbies

Komal Pandey, a devout follower of Hinduism. She loves to party with her friends, hit the gym to stay fit, and stay updated with the latest fashion trends by reading fashion blogs and watching YouTube videos.

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One thing that sets her apart is the tattoo adorning her right wrist, a symbol of her individuality. Karisma Kapoor is her favorite actress, and she has a weakness for South-Indian cuisine.

When it comes to music, she enjoys a diverse range of songs, from the soulful "Aa Ja Mere Humdum" to the catchy beats of "Havana" and "Paris."

Komal Pandey Boyfriend

Gigi Hadid is her ultimate style icon, and she loves to dress in white, which she believes exudes elegance. H&M and Forever 21 are her go-to brands for fashion, and her dream destination is Milan, where she hopes to immerse herself in the world of fashion.

Komal Pandey boyfriend

Komal Pandey was in relationship with Ravit Shrivastav, in 2019. As of 2024, she is dating Siddharth Batra who often appears on her Instagram post.

What is her net worth?

Komal Pandey's net worth is estimated at Rs.70 Lacs to Rs. 90 Lacs. She also collaborates with different brands and make money.