While both Expats and The Expatriates share a similar premise, the Amazon Prime Video series is expected to deviate from the original book by Janice Y.K. Lee.

The show's narrative changes could potentially have a significant impact on how the story concludes.

Prime Video's Expats Ending Spoilers

It remains to be seen how these alterations will affect the lives of the three women and the ultimate resolution of the missing boy case.

How the Series Differs from the Book?

The setting of where Gus goes missing is one of the biggest differences between the TV series "Expats" and Janice Y.K. Lee's book. In the series, Gus gets lost in the busy streets of Mong Kok in Hong Kong, whereas in the book, he disappears in a crowded area in Seoul, Korea.

In the book, Margaret stays behind for weeks in Seoul while her family goes back to Hong Kong.

Another difference is how Margaret first meets Mercy - in Expats, Nicole Kidman's Margaret meets Mercy on a private yacht, whereas The Expatriates reveals that they were introduced through a mutual friend.

The phrases should contrast the book with Expats Episode 1's happenings. Mercy cared for Margaret's children several times before Gus disappeared in the book. However, in Expats Episode 1, Mercy and David are having an affair from the start, and future episodes explore their connection. This differs from the book's casual hookup with no deeper connection.

How Expats Could End?

The book The Expatriates by Janice Y.K. Lee ended with many twists and turns, which may hint at the Prime Video streaming series. Maggie, Mercy, and Hilary's story revolved around Gus (G in the novel), who was never located.

Margaret mourned her missing son, and Hilary's desire to adopt Julian was derailed when David confessed to impregnating Mercy. The book's main character was Mercy, and the ending stressed her importance.

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A reconciliation with Margaret and support for Mercy and the newborn let Hilary move on after the pregnancy. Some found Margaret and Hilary's support startling, but others saw it as the book's method of showing that motherhood can change everything and give the main trio a fresh start.

Expats Ending Spoilers and Book Ending

The cliffhanger in Expats Episode 4 foreshadowed the show's demise. Mercy was pregnant at the end of the episode, and the Shenzen Police Department discovered no Gus. Even though the body was not Gus, Clarke broke down, suggesting that seeing a small boy dead was too much for him and that he had given up searching for him.

Margaret smiled at the conclusion, hinting that she would keep hoping to meet Gus again. Episode 5 might follow Margaret's final hunt for her son before giving up, like the book.

Final two installments were slowly dominated by Mercy's pregnancy. She may consider abortion or have a kid, which could lead her to confess to Hilary about her romance with David. Mercy may ultimately forgive Margaret after overcoming her shame and pain over Gus' absence.

Margaret realised that Gus' disappearance was an accident and nobody wanted him gone, allowing them to reunite. Accepting our inability to control is sometimes the only path ahead.