Hindus celebrate a special day called Masi Magam on the day of Maha Nakshatra, which falls on the full moon of the month of Masi. On this auspicious day, devotees gather at sacred rivers, particularly the Cauvery River in Tamil Nadu, to take a holy dip and seek blessings.

Masi Makam 2024

The significance of Masi Magam lies in the belief that by bathing in the holy waters, one can cleanse their sins and attain spiritual purification.

Elaborate processions and rituals are performed, including the carrying of deities on beautifully decorated chariots, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

Masi Makam 2024

In the month of Masi, one of the most significant fasting days is Masi Makam. Generally speaking, Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga are worshipped on Pelarnami Day, which falls on the first of every month.

The most unique of these is Pelarnami, which occurs throughout specific months. Observing fasts and engaging in worship throughout these days can yield even greater spiritual benefits.

Which deity should be worshiped in Masi?

It is thought that observing customs and praying on Masi Makam will improve family unity and tranquility.

It is also believed that this auspicious event fosters spiritual development and offers protection from harmful energy. People might call blessings and plenty into their lives by paying respect to these deities and ancestral spirits.

When is Masi Makam 2024?

This year such auspicious Masi Maka festival falls on Saturday 24th February. Pelarnami tithi starts on February 23rd at 04.55 pm and ends on February 25th at 06.51 pm. Makam Nakshatra is also present on February 23rd at 08.40 PM till February 24th at 11.05 PM.

When is Masi Makam 2024?

On February 24, you can take holy bath at any time from morning to evening. Those who cannot take holy bath can keep fast at home and pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is believed that seven generations of sins will be removed by offering darpanma to the ancestors on this day.

Ancestor worship

The demigods of Makam Nakshatra are Pitrus. Therefore, on that day the Pitrus will get the blessings of the ancestors to worship.

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In places like Kumbakonam, Rameswaram, Tarpanam and Bithur loans are beneficial. Also, this day is considered auspicious for the three gods Shiva, Vishnu and Murugan. It is believed that visiting holy places and bathing in holy rivers and tirthas on this day will remove sins.

Kumbakonam Masi Magam Festival

Once in 12 years in Tamil Nadu, Masi Magath festival, Mahamagam festival, is held in Kumbakonam Kumbeswarar Temple Theppam with great excitement.