Nalin Dalal (Tarla Dalal's Husband) Age, Death Cause, Wiki and Children

Nalin Dalal (Tarla Dalal's Husband) Age, Death Cause, Wiki and Children

Nalin Dalal was best known as the husband of Tarla Dalal who died on 6 November 2013 at the age of 77 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He had three children with Tarla named, Sanjay Dalal and Deepak Dalal, and a daughter, Renu Dalal.

How did Nalin Dalal died?

At his flat on Napean Sea Road in South Mumbai, Nalin Dalal passed away in 2005. He was found by his housekeeper, who had become concerned when he hadn't come out of his apartment for several days.

The news of his death sent shockwaves throughout the city, as he was known for his philanthropy and contributions to the arts. Tributes poured in from all over the world, honoring his legacy as a visionary and compassionate individual.

Nalin Dalal profession and job

Tarla's husband Nalin, who had lost his work owing to a long industrial strike, saw an opportunity to support her passion as her culinary classes became more successful.

Quality control engineer Nalin utilised typewriters to write resumes for job applications in the 1970s without computers.

He realised he might help Tarla by typing recipes for other women after talking to her. Inspired by this, Nalin suggested Tarla publish her finest recipes in a book. Tarla wrote the recipes, Nalin edited them. Nalin had someone test the recipes to check correctness, and they were great.

Sanjay and Co. was founded in 1987 by Nalin's son and wife, Tarla, and his daughter. In the past, his son managed Tarla's website, and he still does so, producing books, organising cooking lessons, and managing social media.

Tarla's granddaughter manages her social media and posts new recipes. However, others criticise her for using eggs in several dishes, even though her grandmother never did.

The biographical film ‘Tarla’ about his wife was released in 2023. Featuring Huma Qureshi as Tarla Dalal and Sharib Hashmi as Nalin Dalal. Sharib remarked about playing Nalin in an interview, saying,

"When I was playing Nalin Dalal, I could see him in front of my eyes. I could relate to him. I wanted to be like him and wanted to have his qualities in me. In fact, I would say it is very important that husbands in today’s world should have these qualities. I had a lot of fun playing this character."


Nalin Dalal and Tarla Dalal marriage

Tarla married Nalin in 1960 over her initial hesitation. Tarla made spicy gulab jamuns for Nalin's family's visit. Nalin married her nevertheless, surprising her. Tarla told Nalin she wanted to do something meaningful in life before they married, and Nalin never stopped her.

Nalin's sister, Anjana Shah, called Nalin and Tarla unusual. Tarla was a graduate but modest, while Nalin was well-educated.

Her family is modern Gujaratis, whereas Tarla's is humble and traditional, yet she easily adjusted to her new family and inspired them to practise Vaishnavism. She died on 6 November 2013 following a heart attack. She lived in an apartment on Nepean Sea Road in South Mumbai.

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