Rohit Sardana was widely recognized for his sharp and incisive interviewing style, often challenging the prevailing narratives and holding the powerful accountable.

He had a deep understanding of current affairs and was known for his ability to present complex issues in a simplified manner.

Rohit Sardana wife

His immense popularity among viewers was a testament to his credibility and dedication to journalism. Sadly, his untimely demise in April 2021 came as a shock to the nation, leaving a void in the field of journalism that will be hard to fill.

Who was Rohit Sardana's wife, Pramila Dixit?

Rohit Sardana's wife, Pramila Dixit is a renowned journalist and news anchor. She has made a significant contribution to the field of journalism with her insightful reporting and compelling storytelling.

Her passion for her work have earned her a respected place in the industry, just like her late husband Rohit Sardana. Her career in journalism has been marked by her strong work ethic and commitment to delivering unbiased news to the public.

She has covered a wide range of topics and has interviewed some of the most influential figures in politics and entertainment.

Despite the tragic loss of her husband, Pramila remains determined to carry on his legacy and continue making a positive impact through her work. Her professionalism and unwavering dedication to her profession make her a role model for aspiring journalists.

Pramila Dixit is on Instagram with over 11K followers, as of February 2024.

Pramila Dixit age in 2024

Pramila Dixit is in her 40s. She was born in 1984 in Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. Her husband died on 30 April 2021 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Pramila Dixit height and weight

Pramila Dixit's height in feet is 5'6''. She weighs around 67 Kilograms.

Early life and education

After earning his post-graduate degree, Pramila Dixit's husband, Rohit Sardana worked as a journalist for a local newspaper, where he honed his skills in writing and reporting.

Rohit Sardana Age

In 2005, he decided to pursue a career in advertising and joined a renowned marketing agency as a copywriter. Sardana's background in psychology and mass communication proved to be valuable assets in his creative work, allowing him to craft compelling advertisements that resonated with target audiences.

How much is the net worth of Pramila Dixit?

Pramila Dixit's net worth is estimated to be Rs. 1 Cr. to Rs. 3 Cr., as of 2024.