Rukmani Riar worked tirelessly to overcome her fear of failure and started excelling in her studies. She attended coaching classes and studied for hours every day, determined to achieve her goal.

Rukmani Riar IAS Topper Age

Her hard work paid off when she not only passed the IAS exam but also secured the top rank. Rukmani's journey taught her the importance of perseverance and never giving up on one's dreams. She now serves as an inspiration for many aspiring civil servants.

Rukmani Riar age in 2024

Rukmani Riar age is 34 years old, as of 2024. She was born on 12 June 1987 in Chandigarh.

Rukmani Riar height and weight

Rukmani Riar height in feet is 5'6'' and weighs around 60 Kg.

How did Rukmani Riar prepared for her IAS?

Rukmani completed an internship with NGOs like Ashoda in Mysore and Annapurna Mahila Mandal in Mumbai following her graduation from TISS Mumbai with a master's degree.

She decided to take the UPSC exam after becoming interested in civil service while working for the NGO. Rukmani Riar obtained an AIR 2 in 2011 after successfully passing the UPSC on her first try.

Rukmani Riar IAS Topper Height

She chose not to enroll in coaching after using self-study to pass the UPSC. From sixth to twelfth grade, she read newspapers and publications on a regular basis and depended on NCER books.

Rukmani Riar academic achievements

Rukmani's impressive academic achievements and work experiences in the field of social sciences and entrepreneurship demonstrate her passion and commitment to creating positive social change.

Her internship with the Planning Commission of India and her work with various NGOs highlight her hands-on experience in implementing and managing social initiatives.

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Rukmani's exceptional performance in the IAS exam further solidifies her reputation as a highly talented and dedicated individual in the realm of public service.

Rukmani Riar path to IAS

Rukmani Riar story is a witness to the power of hard work and self-belief, reminding us that success is not limited to those who excel from the start. Her journey also highlights the importance of mentors and a strong support system in achieving our goals.

Her dedication and refusal to give up serves as a reminder that setbacks are merely stepping stones towards success, and that failure does not define us.

Her story serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that our dreams are within reach if we are willing to put in the effort and never stop fighting for them.