Salome Roy Kapur Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Height and Weight

Salome Roy Kapur is known as the mother of the well-known Roy Kapur brothers, including Siddharth, who works as a producer, Kunaal, who is an actor, and Aditya, also an actor.

How old is Salome Roy Kapur in 2024?

Salome Roy Kapur was born in November 1951 in India. As of 2024, she is 73 years.

Salome Roy Kapur wiki and biography

Salome Roy Kapur is not just a regular mother, she has achieved a lot in her life. She was crowned Miss India in 1972 and is skilled in both Indian and western dances.

She works as a personality development trainer. Salome and her husband Kumud Roy Kapur make sure to stay updated with the latest happenings in the Bollywood industry, as they have famous sons.

In an interview with Hindustan times she said,

"I started modelling in 1968. It was an exciting time… I got to travel a lot. Earlier, fashion shows were about promoting textiles. Today, fashion is actually about fashion. The models walking on the ramp give you a picture of what the trend is. Well, they are three pranksters, as boys would be.

But I did not find handling them very difficult, because the age gaps between all of them are quite large. So, I had enough time to focus on one kid at a time. Most parents would want to know what’s happening [in their children’s lives].

So, we (she and her husband, Kumud) do that as well. Nothing should be stagnant in life. I have benefited a lot because of the various caps that I have donned."

Salome Roy Kapur husband's name

Salome Roy Kapur is married with Kumud Roy Kapur. Couple's grand children are Shanaz Roy Kapoor and Zahaan Roy Kapoor.

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