Sudhir Suri Radical Hindu leader: Wikipedia, murder motive, age and wife

Sudhir Suri Radical Hindu leader: Wikipedia, murder motive, age and wife

Sudhir Suri was a radical Hindu religious leader. He gained a significant following due to his attractive personality and ability to inspire his followers with his impassioned speeches.

Sudhir Suri Radical Hindu leader Murder

His teachings often advocated for the preservation of traditional Hindu values and the eradication of any perceived threats to the religion. However, his radical views and controversial actions drew criticism from many who believed in a more inclusive and tolerant approach to religious practices.

How old was Sudhir Suri?

Sudhir Suri was 58 years old, as the time of death in 2022. His father name was, Harbans Lal Suri (deceased) and mother name was Bimla Suri.

He had two brothers named, T. N. Suri (retd. SDO at Punjab Mandi Board) and Brij Mohan Suri.

Sudhir Suri Murder motive

The motive behind Sudhir Suri's killing is still unclear, but it is believed to be linked to tensions between the Hindu and Sikh communities in the region.

He was known for his extremist views and controversial statements, often inciting violence and promoting religious intolerance.

His death has sparked concerns of escalating communal tensions and calls for stricter regulation of such radical religious groups in India. Authorities are working to ensure a thorough investigation and maintain peace in the region.

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Ajay Sharma, a doctor at the scene, informed the media that two men in a car with a ‘Waris Panjab De’ sticker shot Sudhir at point blank range when he was protesting outside the Gopal Mandir. Ajay Sharma described Sudhir Suri's murder, saying,

"Shiv Sena's Sudhir Suri was demonstrating outside the temple against garbage being dumped outside the premises. Two men came in a car and started firing at Sudhir Suri. One person has been arrested. The way they fired at him was clear that they wanted to kill him."


What happened with Sudhir Suri?

Indian and foreign Sikhs have accused Sudhir Suri of disparaging remarks against their faith and community. Mr. Suri protested Hindu destruction outside a temple in Amritsar, police said. Amritsar has seen a rise in religiously motivated homicides.

Sudhir Suri Wikipedia

A man accused of smoking tobacco and being inebriated near the Golden Temple was slain in public in September. A man accused of doing a sacrilegious conduct near the shrine was beaten to death last year.

Sudhir Suri wife

Sudhir Suri was married with Madhu Suri. Couple had three sons named, Eklavya Suri, Manik Suri and Paras Suri.
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