Know about Garima Arora husband: Rahul Verma

Know about Garima Arora husband: Rahul Verma

Garima Arora is a Indian cook who made history in November 2018 by becoming the first Indian woman to receive a Michelin star. Her husband, Rahul Verma was born in 1983 and is an Indian pilot. He attended Sacred Heart School in Maharashtra for his schooling. There is no information about his family in public domain.

Garima Arora husband Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma was a officer for Spicejet Airlines in Bombay from July 2012 to March 2014 until he was appointed as a first officer for Jet Airlines in April 2014. Garima, his wife, spoke highly of him in an interview, describing him as one of the most supportive men she had ever met. She also mentioned that if it wasn't for Rahul Verma's support, she would have pursued a career as a pilot herself.

Marriage of Garima and Rahul

Rahul Verma and Garima Arora tied the knot in 2017 after knowing each other for ten years. Garima, a Mumbai-born journalist, decided to pursue her passion for cooking and attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She then interned at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Dubai before joining Gaggan Anand as a sous chef at his renowned Bangkok eatery, Gaggan.

Rahul Verma Garima Arora

Garima Arora made history in 2018 by becoming the first female Indian chef to receive a Michelin star for her restaurant Gaa in Bangkok. Her honors continued in 2019 when she was named Asia's Best Female Chef and her restaurant was listed among the world's top 50 restaurants. In 2022, she was honored with the Young Chef Award from the MICHELIN Guide Thailand, solidifying her place as a rising star in the culinary world.

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Garima Arora born on November 9, 1986 in Bombay comes from a Punjabi family with parents Anil and Neetu Arora, and a sibling named Nauroze. Her passion for food began at the age of 15 when her father introduced her to fine dining at the Taj Hotel in Bombay. Initially a journalist, Garima eventually found her calling in cooking.
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