Kiran Bhatt is a well-known figure in the Indian film industry for being the mother of actress Pooja Bhatt and the ex-wife of film director Mahesh Bhatt. She was born as Lorraine Bright on July 5, 1951, and comes from a diverse background of English, Scottish, Burmese, and Armenian descent. She attended Bombay Scottish Orphanage in Mumbai for her schooling.

Kiran Bhatt Ex-Wife of Mahesh Bhatt

Both of them met at school

Mahesh and Lorraine met when they were students at school. Lorraine, a Catholic, attended the Bombay Scottish Orphanage while Mahesh would visit her there. Lorraine was expelled for being caught with Mahesh. Later, Mahesh helped Kiran enroll at the YWCA at the age of 20 where she learned typing skills. She is 72 years old.

Lorraine Bright married Mahesh Bhatt, an Indian film director and producer, in 1968, following Arya Samaj customs. She changed her name to Kiran Bhatt following their marriage. On multiple times, Mahesh Bhatt told the media that he loved Lorraine so much that they married so young, and the story of their relationship is what Aashiqui is about. They have a daughter, Pooja Bhatt, and a son, Rahul Bhatt. Pooja is an actress and film director, whilst Rahul is a fitness trainer.

They mutually separated in the early 80s

After being married to Kiran Bhatt for a number of years, their relationship began to deteriorate. It was believed that Mahesh's career struggles and rumors of an affair with Parveen Babi in the 1970s had a significant impact on their marriage. Eventually, Mahesh left his wife Kiran due to these issues.

Mahesh and Parveen shared a strong bond but her mental illness caused their separation in 1979. Arth (1982), directed by Mahesh Bhatt, first real success in his career was loosely based on his own personal experiences. The film delved into a love triangle between Mahesh Bhatt's wife, Kiran Bhatt, and actress Parveen Babi.

Kiran Bhatt with Pooja Bhatt

After returning to Mumbai, Mahesh focused on rebuilding his relationship with Kiran, leading to the birth of Rahul in 1982.

In the early 80s, Mahesh and Kiran decided to separate but did not legally divorce. This was because Mahesh did not want to alienate his wife and children. Later on, he adopted his mother's faith in order to marry Soni Razdan. With Soni, Mahesh has two daughters named Shaheen Bhatt and Alia Bhatt.

Some reports suggest she passed away in 2003 at the age of 66, while others indicate she is currently alive and living in England. It is unclear which source is accurate. Pooja Bhatt shared a beautiful throwback photo of her mother Kiran Bhatt on her birth anniversary in 2022.