Rajat Dalal has stepped in to try and resolve the dispute between Elvish Yadav and Maxtern by organizing a meeting at Maxtern's house. The controversy started when Maxtern alleged that he was attacked by Elvish and his associates, which was captured in a video that went viral online. Rajat Dalal is offering to mediate a reconciliation between the two parties.

Rajat Dalal recently went live on Instagram with Sagar Thakur and shared the video on his account. In the video, Dalal mentioned that both YouTubers will work together to address an issue. Some fans believe that Rajat may be using this opportunity for self-promotion, while others have praised his actions.

Rajat Dalal Age

Who is Rajat Dalal?

Rajat Dalal is a successful Indian powerlifter and influential figure in the fitness community. He has earned numerous accolades for his strength and skill, winning awards such as the best lifter at prestigious events like the World Powerlifting Congress. He has strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. His age is 27 years old. He follows Hindusim.

There have been multiple reports stating that Rajat's net worth is around $800k, accumulated from his work as a fitness model and YouTuber. However, Rajat has not personally disclosed his exact net worth, leaving it unclear to the public. There is no available information about Rajat Dalal's relationship status.

Controversy related to him

Rajat Dalal gained attention for his vigilante-style approach to justice during the Fake Baba Incident in November 2023, where he confronted fake babas in his home in Delhi. The incident was broadcast live on Instagram, showing Rajat interrogating, slapping, and even stripping the trespassers.

His recent confrontation with fellow influencer Singha further highlighted his confrontational nature, as he showed up at Singha's gym with a group of men after offensive remarks were made. Singha ended up fleeing the scene as a result.

In the midst of the ongoing conflict between YouTubers Elvish Yadav and Maxtern, Dalal decided to involve himself by going live on Instagram with Maxtern just one day after Yadav assaulted him on camera. In the video, Dalal mentioned that both parties, along with Maxtern's family, would work together to resolve the issue. The conflict has gained significant public attention due to the involvement of these popular YouTubers.