Kaveri is determined that Ruhi will marry Armaan. Fans are criticizing Kaveri for trying to push this relationship, especially because the current situation is causing tension and distance between Abhira and Armaan. Ruhi seems to be taking advantage on this opportunity.

Abhira and Armaan will collide together

Abhira and Armaan will become closer during this time. Armaan, feeling lonely, decides to go for a walk at night  while Ruhi tries to stop him. When Ruhi questions his decision to go out alone so late, Armaan simply replies that he doesn't feel right and leaves the house.

Armaan and Abhira are both out on the road, with Armaan holding a bunch of heart-shaped balloons while Abhira has only one.  Meanwhile, Armaan and Abhira, both are going to collide with each other, although both will ignore each other, but again they will collide with each other, this moment is going to be very special. The fans will like it very much.

During Manish and Swarna anniversary party, Ruhi and Armaan will be present. Abhira who has also arrived feels sadness and stood behind. However, Kaveri's unexpected announcement about Ruhi and Armaan's engagement on Manish and Swarna's anniversary breaks Abhira's heart even more.

Manish is surprised by this announcement. Ruhi seems delighted, laughing joyfully and clearly happy about something. Armaan, on the other hand, appears concerned and unsure about whether he should proceed with getting engaged. Abhira has heard everything. She decided to attend the party because Manish asked her to but she does not plan on interacting with anyone there. Abhira will choose to ignore everyone present at the party.