Abhira is leaving the Poddar house and Ruhi will be happy about it. However, Abhira is feeling upset as she has no one of her own now, with her mother also having left her. Also, Armaan has also left her somewhere, adding to her hardship. In the latest photos that have been released, indicating that Abhira will be leaving the house soon. Let us provide further details on what else will occur.

Abhira leaves Poddar House

The whole family is excited about Ruhi and Armaan getting married, while Kaveri has caused Abhira and Armaan to get divorced. Kaveri is not satisfied with this only, Kaveri said that now Abhira will have to leave from here as she is unwanted in the house prompting her to pack her bags and leave. As Abhira is seen leaving alone with her luggage, the rest of the family is preoccupied with celebrating Ruhi and Armaan's union.

It appears that poor Abhira is feeling very upset as she falls but she manages to control herself. Her things start falling, causing concern for Armaan. In the photo behind, Armaan can be seen extending his hand to help Abhira.

At the same time, there are some people in the house who are unhappy about Abhira leaving, such as Manish Uncle. He never wanted Abhira to leave. On the other hand, Ruhi is very happy about the situation. However, Arman's focus is still solely on Abhira leaving and he is finding it difficult to cope with the idea. It remains uncertain what Arman will do in this situation.

Abhira is now in a difficult situation. It is evident from the tears in Abhira's eyes that they are deeply affected by whatever happened. Abhira is choosing to remain silent and not speak to anyone about it. What's happening next, we will cover in detail. You can get all the latest updates of YRKKH here.