In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus' Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai', viewers will see Abhira facing trouble. Will Armaan be able to save her from all this? Abhira's decision to leave her house has left her with uncertainty about her future and where she will live. She is concerned about her career.

Abhira lied and now in problem

Abhira went to her college's head to request an extension for her internship, but he refused and even returned the fee she had paid. This has left Abhira feeling upset and frustrated, as she now has the money in her hand but cannot do anything about it.

Manisha, Krish, and others decided to video call Abhira to check on her well-being. They have a strong bond with Abhira and were saddened by her departure from the house. Otherwise everyone seemed very happy with Abhira's departure.She thought that it is okay if Arman is someone else's.

Abhira proudly shows Manisha the money she claims to have earned, lying about getting a job and an advance payment for it. Armaan overhears this and becomes angry, fleeing off into another room. His emotions are running high as he throws his phone in frustration, feeling upset and angry at the thought of Abhira being happy without him. He expresses confusion and insecurity about her feelings, wondering if she truly doesn't want anything.

Abhira has lied to everyone and is suddenly allergic in a room, falling unconscious. A man outside is looking at her, raising concerns about his intentions towards her. In the upcoming track of the serial, it remains to be seen if Armaan will come to her rescue or not. The situation is interesting and leaves viewers wondering what will happen next. For latest updates of YRKKH bookmark our website.