YRKKH Upcoming Update: Abhira will shed tears for Armaan, Will Armaan recognise love

YRKKH Upcoming Update: Abhira will shed tears for Armaan, Will Armaan recognise love

Abhira and Armaan are facing each other as the new promo begins. Armaan bravely expresses his desire to separate from Abhira and marry Ruhi. Surprisingly, Abhira calmly accepts his decision acknowledging that they were always meant to part ways. Abhira is unwavering in her resolve to stop loving Armaan, even after he apologizes for any hurt he may have caused in the past.

Abhira will shed tears for Armaan

Abhira was upset and took off her mangalsutra, handing it over to Armaan who appeared heartbroken. Armaan, who had also grown fond of Abhira, continued to express interest in her in spite of this, hoping that she would return the favor. Meanwhile, Abhira was lying on a bench outside when Armaan approached her.

While Armaan is looking after her, he shares some words with her. Just then, Krish arrives and shows his support for Abhira. Armaan brushes it off and says it's no different from himself. He believes she needs to go through this on her own now and let it go.

Abhira's phone rings, causing her to wake up and stand up. By the time she does, Armaan has already left. Ruhi is present, asking Arman for a wish, while Arman is asking for a wish for Abhira. Ruhi wishes for their marriage to happen soon.

The situation seems to be getting more complex as Ruhi has manipulated Vidya into getting involved in his plan. It appears that Ruhi and Armaan were in love before their marriage, which Vidya shared with Kaveri leading to a decision to get them married. Kaveri now wants Armaan to go to Delhi because Abhira is in the house for a few days, hinting at potential divorce proceedings between Armaan and Abhira.

Ruhi is overjoyed as she prepares for her upcoming wedding to Armaan. On the other hand, Abhira is solemn as she goes about her daily routine, getting ready and applying makeup. However, when she reaches the moment of applying vermilion, a symbol of marriage, she is reminded that her relationship with Armaan is coming to an end. Tears well up in Abhira's eyes as she breaks down in sorrow.

The upcoming track of the serial seems to be focused on the revelation of Abhira's true feelings for Armaan. It appears that once Armaan discovers the depth of Abhira's love for him, he may change his decision and realize that he also loves Abhira instead of Ruhi. It will be interesting to see how this revelation affects the dynamics between the characters and what decisions they make moving forward.

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