Akshaya Tritiya 2024 Timing, Wishes and Greetings

Akshaya Tritiya 2024 Timing, Wishes and Greetings

Akshaya Tritiya is a crucial Hindu festival occurring on the third day of the lunar month of Vaishakha, is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. It will be celebrated on May 10th this year, falling on a Friday. The term "Akshaya" signifies eternal or never-ending suggesting that any new endeavor or financial investment made on this auspicious day will yield lasting success and abundance.

Akshaya Tritiya 2024 Timing

On Akshaya Tritiya, many believe that buying gold will bring them wealth and prosperity. This day is also popular for weddings and other important events. People perform religious rituals and pray to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi for blessings. They also visit temples, give to charity, and show kindness to others.

Akshaya Tritiya 2024 Time in India

On May 10, 2024, the Tritiya Tithi begins at 04:17 AM and ends on May 11, 2024, at 02:50 AM. The Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat is set to take place from 05:33 AM to 12:18 PM.

In the morning, between 05:33 AM and 10:37 AM, there are auspicious energies related to Chara, Labha, and Amrita. In the afternoon, you have two Muhurat options - from 12:18 PM to 01:59 PM (Shubha) and from 05:21 PM to 07:02 PM (Chara). In the evening, the Muhurat timings are from 09:40 PM to 10:59 PM (Labha) and from 12:17 AM to 02:50 AM on May 11 (Shubha, Amrita, Chara).

Akshaya Tritiya Date Yearwise

Akshaya Tritiya Date 2022 date Tuesday, 3 May
Akshaya Tritiya Date 2023 date Saturday, 22 April
Akshaya Tritiya Date 2024 date Friday, 10 May
Akshaya Tritiya Date 2025 date Wednesday, 30 April
Akshaya Tritiya Date 2026 date Sunday, 19 April
Akshaya Tritiya Date 2027 date Sunday, 9 May
Akshaya Tritiya Date 2028 date Thursday, 27 April

Akshaya Tritiya 2024 Wishes and Greetings for Whatsapp

May the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi also bring prosperity, good health, and happiness to you on this auspicious occasion. Happy Akshaya Tritiya to you.

Wishing you success in all your initiatives and may this day be filled with abundance and joy. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

Akshaya Tritiya 2024 Wishes

May you be blessed with endless prosperity, health, and happiness. And may you always have more wishes to make and fulfill in the days to come. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

May you always be blessed with the divine grace of Lord Ganesha. Happy Akshaya Tritiya to you!

Remember to always stay grateful for the blessings that come your way, and may Lord Ganesha continue to guide and protect you on your journey. Happy Akshaya Tritiya to you and your loved ones!

Akshaya Tritiya 2024 Greetings

May Lord Vishnu bless you with eternal happiness and success in all your endeavors. Happy Akshaya Tritiya to you and your loved ones.

May this Akshaya Tritiya bring you endless opportunities and good fortune. May you be surrounded by love, joy, and prosperity now and always. Have a wonderful and blessed Akshaya Tritiya celebration!
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