Alina Sen is an actress famous for her roles in tv series like, Red Light (2024), Jalebi Bai (2022), Khidki (2023) and Neelami (2023). She defines herself as, "kuch logo ko mujhe Dekhte Hi Lag Jati Hai." Alina Sen, 34, is from Jharkhand, India. She was born on June 29, 1990 in a Hindu family.

Alina Sen Wiki and Height

TV series is a story about, when Jalebi Bai was working as a housekeeper, she made the acquaintance of a variety of people who led a variety of lifestyles. She quickly became the person who was responsible for bringing them together through her peculiar and alluring methods.

When it comes to her popular show Khidki (2023), that revolves around after witnessing a couple having an intimate moment, a young man returning home from college becomes enthused and engages in physical contact with his maid. This sets off a chain reaction that causes his heightened desire to spread to other couples, smoldering everyone with its desire for sensuality.

5 ft 6in tall actress, Alina Sen has a strong interest in physical fitness and frequently contributes to social media by providing insights into her workout routines. There are many occasions on which she consumes alcohol.

More than 215K people follow her on Instagram handle @alinasen._ which she updates with her new hot pictures and trendy outfits. She is huge fan of wearing colorful shoes.

Known for her eye catching bond with her sister

On social media, Alina Sen shared pictures from her sister's wedding that she had not previously seen. The two of them have a strong relationship.

There were also sneak peeks of the actress included in the photographs. As a fashion influencer and blogger, she is well-known to those who are not familiar with her. In these photographs, her sister is seen wearing a kanjeevaram saree in a golden color, which she paired with traditional jewelry. She had gajra woven into her hair all over.

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Alina Sen Web Series

  • Yes I Am Hungry (2020)
  • Jalebi Bai (2022)
  • Khidki (2023)
  • Garam Masala (2023)
  • Neelami (2023)
  • Red Light (2024)