Giorgia Andriani, Italian Actress and Ex-Girlfriend of Arbaaz Khan

Giorgia Andriani, Italian Actress and Ex-Girlfriend of Arbaaz Khan

Giorgia Andriani is an Italian model, actress, and dancer, gained attention in 2018 for her relationship with Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan. Arbaaz Khan was previously married to Malaika Arora but they separated after 18 years. After that, Arbaaz has found happiness with Giorgia. Later they breakup and Arbaaz married Shura Khan, make up artist from Bollywood.

Giorgia Andriani Wiki

In a recent interview with Zoom, Giorgia Andriani shared her feelings about her past relationship with Arbaaz Khan. She mentioned that despite their breakup, he still holds a special place in her heart and she considers him to be an incredible person. Giorgia expressed gratitude for the time they spent together and reflected on the positive impact Arbaaz has had on her life.

Giorgia was brought up in Italy

Giorgia Andriani was born in Milan on May 21, 1989. She I 35-year-old. She grew up split between London and Italy, starting her career as a model before making her Bollywood debut in the film "Guest Iin London" in 2017.

Giorgia's family consists of her brother and sister. Although she is not married, she is in a relationship with Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan. Arbaaz Khan, who is 22 years older than Giorgia, has been previously married and is now divorced. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

She said decision of breaking up is mutual

Giorgia Andriani recently shared that her and Arbaaz Khan's decision to part ways was a mutual one, explaining how they had different perspectives on their future plans and lives in general. Their paths diverged, leading to the end of their relationship and paving the way for Arbaaz Khan's marriage to make-up artist Sshura Khan at an intimate ceremony in December 2023.

Giorgia Andriani with ex boyfriend Arbaaz Khan

Giorgia Andriani made it clear that Malaika Arora, Arbaaz Khan's ex-wife, had nothing to do with their relationship. She emphasized that there was no interference from Malaika and she was not the cause of their breakup.
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