In the upcoming episodes, viewers will finally see Akshara's innocence in front of Manish and the truth behind Aarohi's accident will be revealed. Kairav will make his entry in the show, allowing viewers to finally meet him. The truth about Abhira being Akshara's daughter and Akshara's death will be revealed, leading to Ruhi raising questions and cursing Akshara.

Kairav reveals secret to everyone about Akshara

Hearing this thing, Kairav cannot hold back his words. Anger fills Kairav's voice as he reveals that the person being cursed is no longer alive. The shocking news of Akshara's death leaves everyone speechless, leading Kairav to finally disclose the truth about the accident from 20 years ago. It becomes clear that Akshara was not at fault for the tragedy, but rather it was Ruhi who was to blame.

Akshara made the ultimate sacrifice to protect Ruhi from feeling guilty about her mother's death, but Ruhi is refusing to believe that she was the one driving the car that caused Akshara's death. She is struggling to accept that her actions led to such a tragic outcome.

Ruhi expressed to Kairav that he would come to believe in the importance of that girl since she is his sister, however, Ruhi's world was turned upside down when that woman took their parents away from her.

In the upcoming episodes, we will witness Kairav's intense anger reaching a boiling point while Swarna prepares to reveal some important information about Akshara. Among all the family members, only Manish is convinced of the significant sacrifice Akshara has made.