YRKKH Latest Update: Kaveri will convince Armaan to consider marrying Ruhi

YRKKH Latest Update: Kaveri will convince Armaan to consider marrying Ruhi

After Armaan and Abhira's relationships come to an end, the serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will showcase the next chapter in their lives. The upcoming track hints at Ruhi and Armaan getting married, setting the stage for new drama and twists in the story. Fans of the show can expect to see how this new development will impact the characters and their relationships going forward.

Kaveri will convince Armaan to consider marrying Ruhi

Armaan informed Abhira about his decision to marry Ruhi but Abhira surprised him by taking off her Mangal Sutra and giving it to him. This unexpected turn of events leaves the future of the serial's story uncertain and full of suspense.

Ruhi confessed to Vidya that she loved Armaan before marriage, but he sacrificed his love for the family's happiness and married her instead. Vidya then went to Kaveri and suggested that Armaan and Ruhi should get married. In the upcoming track of the serial, Kaveri will be seen convincing Armaan to consider marrying Ruhi.

Abhira tells Armaan that she has no interest in marriage and never loved him. However, Armaan apologizes for unknowingly hurting her heart and expresses his feelings for her. Abhira seems surprised by this, suggesting that Armaan may be marrying her in hopes of her accepting his love.

Abhira's quick change in attitude and behavior surprises Armaan. Abhira's gesture of removing the mangalsutra and giving it to Armaan makes it obvious that she truly wants to end their relationship. This moment in the temple, where Kaveri and Vidya were overheard talking, sheds light on Abhira's inner turmoil. As Armaan is left staring at Abhira, he realizes the depth of her feelings.

Ruhi has a history of taking advantage of situations and people. When Vidya was angry with her, she did not give any feelings to Vidya.Ruhi now follows Vidya in hopes of getting closer to Armaan. Stay tuned to YRKKH latest updates and twist.
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