Ruhi and Armaan's decision to get married has shocked Manish. He will be very upset upon hearing this news and will expressed his disapproval by shouting. Ruhi remains firm in her decision to marry Armaan. It will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds with all the twists and turns that are bound to happen.

Manish saw dangerous dream regarding Armaan and Ruhi Marriage

Ruhi is heading to Goenka house to celebrate her V Nanu and Swarna's anniversary. She carries a cake with her, but Manish initially hesitates to cut it because he doesn't want Ruhi to marry Armaan. However, after Swarna insists, Manish eventually cuts the cake and even feeds it to Ruhi.

Manish is currently feeling very nervous because he is about to have a disturbing dream. The wedding between Ruhi and Arman that is occurring will actually be a dream experienced by Manish. In reality, Arman and Abhira will be getting a divorce. If Arman cuts off all ties with Abhira, Ruhi may end up marrying Armaan instead. However, Manish's dream of this happening seems to be a very dangerous dream.

Manish is being held back by his fear of history repeating itself, as he dreams of Ruhi marrying Arman and facing a similar fate as Abhira. In his dreams, he witnesses Ruhi and Arman getting married against Nanu's wishes, leading to concerns about Arman's true intentions. This fear is what is stopping Manish from moving forward.

Manish also saw Ruhi is getting divorce papers as a gift, which upsets Manish. He is concerned about Ruhi's well-being and fears that she may end up like Abhira if Armaan leaves her. As Armaan walks away, Ruhi is seen crying uncontrollably, adding to Manish's distress. He is deeply affected by the situation unfolding before him.

In the upcoming track of the serial, it seems like Ruhi Armaan might be considering getting married, causing Manish to become even more scared. It appears that Manish will not agree to Ruhi Armaan's marriage at all. There are a lot of twists and turns expected to happen in the storyline. Follow YRKKH Latest updates and gossips on our website.