Pandya Store TV show to go off air

Pandya Store TV show to go off air

Pandya Store is a popular Hindi soap opera starring Rohit Chandel and Priyanshi Yadav, has recently taken a seven-year leap, keeping viewers hooked with its engaging plots and interesting characters. The show has consistently ranked in the top 5 TRP list and has a strong presence on social media making it a favorite among fans of Indian television dramas. The dedicated fans of Pandya Store were disappointed to hear that a new show called Maati se Bandhi Door would be taking over its time slot.

Pandya Store TV show to go off air

Some hoped that Pandya Store would be moved to an earlier time, but it has been confirmed that the show is ending. It seems like Pandya Store's loyal viewers will have to say goodbye to their beloved show soon. Upon hearing the news, Sagar Parekh expressed sadness, stating "Yes, sadly." Just to clarify for those who may not know, Priyanshi Yadav and Rohit Chandel are the main actors in the show.

So, the final episode of Pandya Store will most likely be shown on May 26, which is a Sunday. This is because Ankit Gupta and Rutuja Bagwe's new show Maati Se Bandhi Dor is set to start airing at 7:30 pm from May 27 onwards.

Shabaaz Abdullah Badi, also known as Bhaven believes that the popular show Pandya Store coming to an end may be attributed to the impact of IPL 2024 on its TRPs while discussing with Filmibeat. Despite consistently high ratings and being one of the top 5 performing shows in terms of TRP, the actor suggests that the disruption caused by the cricket tournament could have led to a significant drop in viewership, prompting the channel to make the decision to end the show.

The show recently took seven year leap

The show recently underwent a major time jump, with Falaq Naaz now portraying Hetal Makwana instead of Bihu. Sagar Parekh has also joined the cast as Shantanu, who harbors romantic feelings for Natasha. Following the leap, the plot has shifted to Natasha and Dhawal living apart, with accusations of Amrish's death causing a rift between them. Natasha has moved to Mumbai due to these accusations, while Dhawal has risen in status as a successful businessman. In the current storyline, Natasha, suffering from memory loss, is now known as Bittu by Shantanu.
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