Armaan reassures Ruhi that they will unite to convince Manish about their marriage. Ruhi questions Armaan's sudden agreement to marriage, asking him why he didn't agree earlier. Armaan admits his fear and guilt for hurting her in the past. Ruhi interprets this as a lack of love but Armaan explains that he can only offer loyalty and acknowledges the changes he has undergone.

Armaan consoles Ruhi, Abhira is in trouble

Ruhi questioned why Armaan had not expressed his feelings earlier. Armaan replied by explaining that he sees a peaceful future with her where they support each other and become each other's strength. He reassured her that their relationship would bring peace to both themselves and their families. He says, "I want peace in my life, not to miss Abhira."

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2024 Written Update

Abhira's new boss, who replaced Dev, praised her work and suggested she should receive a raise. Abhira mentioned that she had completed her exams and was waiting for her marksheet. The boss was interrupted by a phone call and apologized to Abhira, unable to grant her an extension. The boss insisted she collect her wages and leave, even threatening to call security if necessary. In tears, Abhira left the office heartbroken.

Krish video called Abhira and asked if she was crying, to which Abhira replied that she was happy. She lied about her salary hike and house situation. Madhav reassured Krish that Abhira is fine and that what's happening is wrong. Krish expressed his belief that Abhira is the best fit for Armaan, who was watching the conversation unfold.

Ruhi visited Manish and Swarna on their anniversary and had a conversation with Manish about not snatching her rights. Manish went ahead and cut the cake, feeding her as well. Swarna then expressed her doubts about whether Armaan truly loves Ruhi or if he has feelings for someone else. Ruhi assured Swarna of her trust in Armaan and their love.

Abhira enters her room and finds her belongings scattered on the bed. The broker informs her about their separation and shows her marriage cancellation papers, saying she can't stay there anymore. After some argument, she agrees to pay more rent to stay, but eventually tells him to leave and not ask for rent again. Feeling weak, she faints. Armaan falls beside her. The broker re-enters the room to check on Abhira.

The broker found Abhira unconscious on the ground and entered the room to help her. However, when she woke up, she scolded him and asked him to leave. As he left, Abhira saw missed calls and messages from Manisha, which made her realize she doesn't have to feel weak. Meanwhile, Armaan was worried for no reason as Abhira was actually happy and fine. Both Armaan and Abhira were feeling sad in the end.

Ruhi handed Kaveri the anniversary invite and asked her to wish the Goenkas, but Kaveri excused herself from the conversation. Ruhi explained that Kaveri seemed hesitant about something. However, Armaan remained optimistic and promised to fix everything at the upcoming party. In a heartwarming gesture, Ruhi hugged him and he confessed his restlessness leading him to step out for a while.

Precap: Armaan and Abhira reunite at the roadside while purchasing balloons where Kaveri announces that she will be hosting Armaan and Ruhi’s engagement ceremony.