The episode starts with a depressed Abhira walking down the street. Armaan, feeling down and walking on the same road, is approached by a balloon seller who asks him to buy some balloons to help him earn. Without hesitation, Armaan buys all the balloons. As he continues walking with the balloons, he unexpectedly spots Abhira. One of the balloons flies away and lands near Abhira, who picks it up. This chance encounter leads to a moment of nostalgia and disbelief for both Abhira and Armaan as they stare at each other before eventually walking away.

Abhira attends anniversary party

Vidya and Manisha convinces Kaveri to attend Manish and Swarna's anniversary, but there is a problem when Manish feels uncomfortable with Arman being a divorcee. Vidya reveals that Abhira and Arman's marriage was fake, adding to the tension. Manisha defends Arman, but Kaveri, determined to shock Manish, plans to announce Arman and Ruhi's roka ceremony during the party. This shocks Vidya and Manisha, who try to convince Kaveri otherwise. However, Kaveri remains adamant about arranging Arman and Ruhi's engagement secretly without informing anyone. This creates restlessness for Manisha.

Abhira was excited to start her new job at Malhotra law firm and getting dressed. She notices her land owner smelling her clothes. She becomes enraged and lashes out at him, but he makes an excuse and walks out of the room. Despite her excellent performance and recommendation from Armaan, she faced disappointment when Sanjay interfered with the hiring decision. Abhira's hopes of employment were shattered, leaving her feeling dejected.

As she walks out, she notices Armaan leaving the area, as well as Sanjay speaking with one of the bosses of the Malhotra firm, thanking them for not hiring Abhira. Sanjay threatens to ruin Abhira's chances of getting a job in the city. Abhira challenges him. She runs into her old friend Riya who offers her contacts for job opportunities and apologizes for past wrongdoings. Abhira is grateful and later receives contact details from new employers.

At the anniversary party, Manish gifted Swarna an expensive necklace but she wanted his consent for RuhMaan's wedding. Manish refused and walked away. Throughout the party, Manish and Swarna were seen meeting guests while Ruhi and Armaan were receiving them. Manish disapproved of Ruhi and Armaan closeness, but Swarna seemed happy to see them together.

Kaveri arrived at the venue with the Poddar family for an anniversary party. Ruhi was thrilled to see them and they greeted each other warmly. As they were welcomed at the party, cake cutting took place. Abhira unexpectedly arrived at the same event and was surprised to see it was the anniversary party of Par Naanu and Par Nani. Confused as to why she was given this venue by her potential new employers, she started to leave. However, Manish noticed her and kindly offered to get her some cake.

Precap: Abhira is showing Ruhi and Armaan different wedding dresses in pastel shades, explaining that it's the current fashion trend. Armaan questions why she is doing this, to which Abhira reveals she is their wedding planner and it's her job to make sure Ruhi and Armaan get married. This revelation leaves Ruhi and Armaan surprised.