At the start of the episode, Manish and Swarna are seen welcoming guests to their anniversary party. Manish is surprised by the large number of guests at the party and wonders who they all are. Surekha explains that the guests are from the Poddar family. Soon after, the Poddar family arrives and greets the hosts. The party kicks off with lively dancing by the younger attendees.

YRKKH 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Abhira is waiting to meet her prospective employer. However, she couldn't locate the person anywhere as the Goenkas were hosting a party to celebrate their marriage anniversary. She stood outside and silently sent her good wishes. She bumps into Kalyani, who reveals that Kaveri has invited them for a special surprise. Abhira starts to think that Kaveri must be planning something exciting. As she sees the Poddars having a good time and Ruhi and Arman dancing together, Abhira imagines herself dancing with Arman,

Kaveri announces Arman and Ruhi’s roka. Manish gets offended. He says Kaveri is trying to force him to accept Arman and Ruhi’s proposal. Manish gets adamant about her decision. Surekha says Kaveri was wrong for not discussing it with them before announcing the roka ceremony. Kaveri says if Manish is adamant, then she will not change her decision either.

Abhira, feeling heartbroken, goes out to the garden and sits on a bench. Manish joins her and they both share their pain in silence as they sit together. Meanwhile, Madhav is seen pulling Armaan aside to prevent him from arguing with Kaveri. Surekha, Swarna, Manisha, and Vidya all try to dissuade Kaveri from whatever she is doing.

Madhav advises Arman to consider his own feelings about marrying Ruhi, as Kaveri is pressuring him to do so. Madhav warns Arman not to make the same mistake again and to think about Abhira instead. Arman compares Ruhi and Abhira, ultimately deciding that Ruhi is the better choice. Arman remains determined to marry Ruhi. Meanwhile, Manisha urges Kaveri to return home, while Ruhi questions Kaveri's actions that upset Manish, who has injured his leg. In the end, Abhira steps in to help Manish.

Manish was initially against Ruhi's alliance with Armaan, but eventually gave his consent after an emotional moment. Swarna and Kaveri were thrilled by the news and Kaveri wanted the Roka and sagayi to happen immediately, sparking more arguments. Eventually, Kaveri's wish was granted and everyone agreed to proceed right away. Vidya urges Armaan to proceed with the engagement, with support from Kajal as well. Manish seems unbothered by the timing. Abhira, heartbroken, left the room and met her employer who was about to give her job description.

Precap: Abhira is showing Ruhi and Armaan wedding dresses in pastel shades, explaining that it's the current fashion trend. When Armaan questions her actions, Abhira reveals she is their wedding planner and it's her job to make sure they get married. Ruhi and Armaan are surprised by this revelation. Abhira decides to keep her relationship with Armaan strictly professional as his client.