The episode begins with Armaan and Ruhi performing their engagement in front of the Goenkas and Poddars, As the engagement ceremony between Armaan and Ruhi begins, Armaan appears hesitant and distracted, constantly glancing over at Abhira who is now on her job interview. The tension between them is apparent, as both feel a sense of heartache, unable to focus on their respective events. Abhira stammers and hesitates during her interview as she watches Armaan hesitating during the ring ceremony.

YRKKH 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2024 Written Update

Ruhi successfully puts the ring on Armaan, causing Abhira to feel heartache and be unable to provide interview properly. The employer becomes frustrated with Abhira's unpreparedness and unprofessional behavior, ultimately deciding not to hire her. She attempts to ask for a second chance with the man, but he leaves her crying and blaming herself. When the waiter brings the bill of 1500/-, she is anxious as it is nearly all the money she had. She pays the bill and leaves with tears in her eyes.

Kaveri requested Arman to help Abhira put on the ring, but Arman accidentally dropped it. Abhira noticed the ring on the floor. After seeing this, Arman made the decision to retrieve the ring from Abhira. This surprised Abhira. Manish questioned Ruhi about her certainty in marrying Arman, mentioning her fear of Arman and Abhira. Arman cleaned the ring and exchanged it with Ruhi, promising her his complete commitment in the future. Meanwhile, Abhira appeared agitated.

Ruhi decides to seek everyone's blessings. Manish advises both Ruhi and Arman to think carefully. Abhira, feeling heartbroken, goes to her room and cries. However, she reminds herself that Ruhi and Armaan were meant to be engaged, so she shouldn't be upset. She puts on her mother's sweater and shawl before heading out to find something to eat with only ten rupees left in her pocket. She thinks about what she can afford with such a small amount.

While searching for food stalls, she encounters some homeless individuals who mention a nearby food distribution event organized by generous people. They invite her to join them and wait for the distribution. Surprisingly, she notices that beggar has more cash in his bowl than she does.

Ruhi and Arman decided to give food to the needy but Arman noticed Abhira with the poor and thought she needed money. As Abhira left, Ruhi asked Arman why he seemed restless, questioning if he was unhappy with their engagement. After reassuring Ruhi, Arman followed Abhira back to her room where he found her crying.