Caine Bacon, a security guard and personal trainer from Norwich, England, made his entrance into the Love Island villa on Day 17 as part of the Casa Amor twist. Living in Long Stratton, he was chosen as one of the 12 bombshells to fly to Fiji for the hit reality show. Along with six men and six women, Caine's arrival in Casa Amor was meant to stir up drama and test the existing couples in the villa.

Caine Bacon Love Island USA 2024

Connection and Decoupling with Liv

His British charm adds an interesting twist to the American cast and his ability to sway Liv towards coupling up with him shows his strategic gameplay. As the season continues, viewers will be intrigued to see how Caine navigates the intricate social dynamics of the villa and how his connection with Liv evolves.

Caine Bacon Love Island USA

Caine's move from his hometown in England to Fiji for Love Island USA is quite impressive. His background in a small town near Norwich adds a unique touch to the show. His Instagram handle @caine_fit has more than 11k followers.

Recently, Caine admitted to Liv that his feelings towards her had changed, leading to rumors of a breakup between them. He mentioned not feeling a romantic connection with Liv and expressed interest in pursuing something with Sierra Mills, who was previously with Miguel Harichi. Sierra was left single after Miguel decided to recouple with Leah Kateb.