Cash Warren was born on January 10, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, is a film and TV producer known for his work on projects like Fantastic Four and Crips and Bloods: Made in America. He is the son of Michael Warren, an actor famous for his role on Hill Street Blues. He is also an entrepreneur who co-founded the clothing brand Pair of Thieves in 2012.

Cash Warren Age

He is the son of actor Michael Warren and Sue Narramore. He has diversified his career from film production to other business ventures. This includes co-owning Verso Entertainment, a production company that focuses on documentaries about social issues, and co-founding Apoko, a digital media group.

They both have three children

In late 2004, Jessica and Cash crossed paths for the first time on the set of Fantastic Four, with Jessica being a leading actor and Cash working as a director's assistant. Their connection was instant, with Jessica recalling feeling like she had known him forever; they understood each other and felt like kindred spirits. Three years later, in December 2007, they announced their engagement, solidifying their bond.

Cash Warren Husband of Jessica Alba

In a simple ceremony at the Beverly Hills courthouse on May 19, 2008, Alba and Warren got married just before the arrival of their first child. Their daughter, Honor Marie Warren, was born in June 2008. As time went on, their family expanded with the birth of two more children: Haven Garner Warren in August 2011 and Hayes Alba Warren in December 2017.