Cooper Flagg's parents have worked their entire lives to encouraging and honing their son's talent by providing him with the basic necessities and providing him with the direction that is necessary for success.

His father, Kelly Flagg and mom Kelly Flagg and have naturally endowed him with those cool athletic genes, and Cooper, along with his older brother Hunter and twin brother Ace, has also been naturally gifted with those genes.

Kelly, his mother, is a former player who played at the University of Maine. She was a member of the program. She was the dominating force on the court from 1995 until 1999, and she served as the captain of her team during her senior year.

An incident that occurred two years ago, in which Cooper Flagg made a groundbreaking dunk on the head of the opposing player, was making waves on the internet.

During Montverde's first game of the season, which they won 101-28, it took place. "Mom's thoughts – I don't love the stare down,

"Kelly wrote in a tweet that quickly went viral in response to the question and statement. Allow your game to lead the conversation. Even though I am aware that they all do it, I do not enjoy it. I must express my gratitude to the child for making an effort to put a stop to it as well.

In Newport, where they had settled down, Cooper's parents brought up their three children, Hunter, Cooper, and Ace. With the benefit of having athletic parents, the three brothers were able to grow up with basketball in their hands and traveled to different locations to watch games.

During the time that the Nokomis girls were growing up, Kelly was the coach of the high school cheerleading squad. Her collection of photographs includes images of her dozing off in the rafters of a number of different high schools.

When Hunter, Cooper, and Ace were at home, they would spend hours playing pickup in the driveway with either their parents, their friends, or with every other person in the neighborhood. This would take place with an assortment of people.