Cori Clingman has been found guilty of speeding offenses, in the past. According to reports, records show that she has been issued two citations for speeding in areas where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. The driver of the vehicle that was involved in the tragic car accident that led in the deaths of football players Khyree Jackson, Isaiah Hazel, and Anthony Lytton Jr. has been identified as Cori Clingman. 

In the case of her first offense, she was sentenced to one year of probation without supervision; however, the outcome of her second arrest is still still unknown.

She was caught driving at 69 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per-hour zone in the year 2018, and in the year 2020, she was recorded traveling at 100 miles per hour in the same kind of zone. 

It was decided that Clingman, along with the two passengers in her vehicle, and the driver of a third vehicle that was caught in the collision, did not sustain any injuries. As the investigation continues, Clingman has not yet been charged with any crime, police have indicated that alcohol may have been a contributing factor in the collision.

The Maryland State Police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the fatal incident, which occurred in Prince George's County.

According to the reports filed by the police, Clingman was going to change lanes but was traveling at a high speed when she hit with the vehicle that was being driven by Jackson. Because of the impact, the vehicle suddenly veered off the road and collided with a number of tree trunks before coming to a complete stop.