Dkane is very popular on social media personality and TikTok. In a 2023 TikTok video, he flaunted his chain. Famously known as a tattoo artist. He is mainly known for his 'dkaneee' account.

Through his social media channels, he posts a diverse range of content, such as viral lip-sync performances to well-known songs.

One of his lip-sync videos went viral in October 2023 and received over a million views overall. He used a mirror to capture it. On the platform, he now has over 151,000 followers. His face, neck, and entire body are covered in tattoos. The United States is where he was born.

TikToker Dkane, 20, has never shared his parents name. His cheeks tattoos gathered the attention of many female fans and often seems impressed with Dkane tall height of 5'4''.

A user of Instagram wrote about his tattoo,

"Your tattoo says “측븍받은“.. 측븍 isnt a word. Youre trying to say blessed. it should be 축복. The full thing would be “축복받은”. You should get those extra two lines tattooed if you want it to make sense. Because it doesnt right now. Just fyi"