Gerald Fremlin, Munro's stepfather and second husband, is accused of sexually assaulting Munro's daughter from her first marriage to James Munro in 1976. Munro's daughter claims that she was involved in the incident. When this occurred, she was nine years old.

After pleading guilty to assaulting Skinner in a Canadian court in 2005, Fremlin was sentenced to two years of probation under the terms of the agreement.

When Skinner went to spend the summer with Munro at her residence in Ontario, the assault took place where she was staying.

Gerald Fremlin, 88, died on 17 April 2013 in Clinton. According to Alice Munro's daughter, who claims that her mother was aware of the situation, the allegations of sexual abuse committed by Alice Munro's stepfather have been reported.

A description of the harrowing experiences that Andrea Robin Skinner went through and how she pursued justice through legal action can be found in the book.

The revelations shed light on a dark chapter in the history of the family, which raises questions about accountability and support for those who have survived the tragedy. The daughter of Canadian Nobel laureate Alice Munro revealed on Sunday that her stepfather sexually abused her when she was a child. 

Her mother was aware of the abuse, but she chose to continue living with her stepfather despite the fact that she was aware of it.

According to AFP, Andrea Robin Skinner had written in an essay that was published in the Toronto Star that she had been sexually assaulted by her stepfather Gerald Fremlin when she was nine years old. Munro was not present at the time.

After several months had passed since the death of the Canadian writer, the daughter of Murno revealed her traumatic experience in the book "the silence continued." This has resulted in the dark secrets of Murno's family attracting a significant amount of attention.

Skinner wrote that Fremlin, who passed away in 2013, had exposed himself to her over the course of the subsequent few years while they were riding in the car together. He also described her mother's sexual needs and "told me about the little girls in the neighborhood he liked."

Additionally, Skinner disclosed that she went to the police in Ontario, and in 2005, her stepfather was charged with indecent assault against her when she reported him to them. He entered a guilty plea. That was the year that she turned 38 years old.

In May, Munro, who had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013, passed away at the age of 92. When she passed away, she was honored with heartfelt tributes, including one from the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.