Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a musician and YouTuber from the Netherlands, shared in a video on YouTube in February 2024 that he felt inspired to become a sperm donor after learning that a fellow student was unable to have children.

According to reports, he has allegedly successfully donated sperm to more than 500 children all over the world.

He explained that he believed that donating sperm would be a kind thing to do because he does not have a family history of cancer, diabetes, or genetic diseases, as reported by People. This was stated earlier in a video that was uploaded in October 2023.

It was stated by her that Meijer had a difficult time discovering his own identity when he was a young adult and that he frequently changed jobs and his appearance.

Meijer is one of seven siblings belonging to a large family that he comes from. Patricia, who is one of his friends, is the one who discusses his childhood in the documentary series.

As of July 7th, Jonathan Meijer is still consistently adding new videos to his YouTube channel. Furthermore, what has he been up to lately?

Through his YouTube videos, he has been very open and honest about his current location. In addition, according to the information that we have, he has never held a job that was consistent in any way.”

Attributing his "God-like complex" to his long, flowing blonde hair and deep blue eyes, one of the mothers in the series referred to him as having both of these characteristics.