On July 4, Thursday, we are going to see Victor and Jack’s feud reignites, Diane is left dealing with the consequences of her mistakes. Chelsea and Adam think back on their past together, making you question if she will take Sally's place in their lives. Let's get into detail.

Victor and Jack’s feud reignites

Jack Abbott plans to have a meeting with Victor Newman to address the revenge scheme that seems to be in progress. Jack is also curious about Kyle's involvement in the feud that is brewing between them. Even though Victor may not reveal all the details, he may admit that he is seeking revenge on Jack for his past actions involving Nikki Newman.

Chelsea and Adam decided to extend their stay in Baltimore to remain close to each other. While sharing memories together, they will be overwhelmed by a strong emotional connection. Their shared history will resurface, leading to intense feelings between them. This will culminate in a heated make-out session that may potentially lead to a deeper betrayal. Chelsea and Adam are going to regret cheating on Billy Abbott and Sally Spectra, but they are choosing to focus on their feelings for each other in the present moment. They will accept the comfort and connection they share, even though they know it's a mistake.

Chelsea and Adam decided to extend their stay in Baltimore

Going back to Genoa City, Diane Jenkins-Abbott will face the consequences of her past decisions as she tries to mend her relationship with Kyle Abbott. However, her attempts may backfire as Kyle confronts his abandonment issues, adding to Diane's guilt. Ultimately, Diane will pay a steep price for everything she has done, including firing Kyle and straining their already fragile relationship.