Wil Anderson is 23-year-old quantity surveyor from Whitley Bay, has entered the villa in search of a genuine connection. Despite being able to be in a relationship if he wanted to, he has intentionally remained single because he is selective and believes in waiting for the right person. Wil values quality over quantity when it comes to relationships and is excited to see if he can find what he's looking for in the villa.

Wil Anderson Age

Wil believes he will get along well with the guys and hopes to make good connections with the girls on the upcoming series. Standing at 6ft 4inches, he thinks his height is a plus with the ladies, but also believes his smile and personality will be appealing to them. He is of white ethnicity.

Wil Anderson is coupled up with Uma

Wil recently arrived at the villa and was granted the power to pick first during the recoupling. He chose Uma, indicating a strong initial connection. However, Wil has made it known that he is still interested in getting to know all the other contestants as well.

Wil Anderson Love Island 2024

When asked the reason for his decision to participate in Love Island. He explained that after being in two serious relationships since he was 18, he felt it was time to be single for a year. Now, he wants to put himself back out there and experience love once again. That's why he made the decision to go on Love Island.

You can find updates from Will on Instagram by following him @wilandersonn. Currently, he has more than 63k followers. Unfortunately, he won't be able to post while in the villa because of the social media rules for Islanders. Additionally, his family has experience with a high profile as his younger brother Elliot is a football player for Newcastle United in the premiere league.