The episode begins with Abhira preparing to leave with her bags. Armaan shares with everyone that he has decided to marry Ruhi, causing everyone to be happy. However, Abhira is visibly upset and stumbles, prompting Armaan to show concern. Eventually, she leaves the house, leaving Manisha and Manoj feeling sorry for her. Abhira remembers about her past moments with Arman.

YRKKH 20th May 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2024 Written Update

Vidya expressed her desire for a quick marriage preparation, but Manish intervened saying he doesn't want Ruhi to face the same fate. Dadi reassured that Ruhi is her daughter-in-law and Abhira is not of important. Manish confronts Sanjay, causing Sanjay to become aggressive. This leads to Ruhi getting hurt which prompts Arman to step in and help her. However, Manish stops Arman from intervening and accuses Kaveri of trying to deceive others about their family's image.

Kaveri mentions that Manish mistreats his own daughter. This causes a heated argument between Manish and Kaveri as they both defend their actions and beliefs. After a heated argument with Kaveri at the Poddar house, Manish walks out determined to prove her wrong. When he arrives at the Goenka house, he clashes with Swarna about interfering in Ruhi and Armaan's marriage. Frustrated and angry, Manish boldly declares that Ruhi will never find happiness with Armaan.

Elsewhere, Abhira found a room attached to a shop, but it was actually a store room with no latches on the door. The owner demanded ₹10,000 rent and refused to negotiate. Abhira, wanting to hide from Armaan, considered the room suitable despite not noticing the owner's malicious intentions towards her. Abhira decides to focus on her career.

Swarna attempts to convince Manish that Arman is the right choice for Ruhi, but he remains firm in his rejection of their relationship. Manish predicts a bleak future for Ruhi if she marries Arman, causing Abhira to reflect on her own relationship with him. Abhira becomes filled with emotion at the thought of being separated from Arman, unable to bear the pain it would bring.

Precap: After being thrown out of the office for asking to extend her internship, Abhira is approached by her friends Manisha and Manoj who offer her a place to stay. Abhira declines, mentioning she already has a job and a house. Arman's anger towards Abhira causes her to faint.